Friday, May 28, 2010

visual aids

Time: 1700 hours
Location: Riverwoods, Provo, Utah
Date: May 23rd
Event: a walk, indicating that the weather was warm as was the general mood
Warning: lots of pictures to follow... {click on any of the following photos to enlarge- might i suggest you click on the kissing pic? Oooo-la-la}


Carly said...

ok seriously i want maggie's stroller... that was so me when i was little. Love it! Your family is so cute. We need a play date, where not just our husbands go and meet up for a midnight movie, and we are actually invited!

ashley said...

Sunshine...its nice to have a reminder of what it is like, even if just in photos. Beautiful family! Who took your photos for you?

Bringhursts said...

When you said 1700 hours, I originally thought you meant that was how long you walked for. Whew. Little warning when you decide to use military time, Kat.

Grant and Stacy said...

When did you have another baby? So little, so cute! oh, wait, that was a doll? Could fooled me! What a beautiful family!