Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hope all you Mom's out there had a great Sunday!
Here are some pictures from my day:

Can't get kids to sit still for a picture?
Get a cat to sit on your lap.

Warning: if the cat ends up scratching your baby, he might chase it around with a stick
until the cat gets mad & scratches him again...

hanging with Grandma Ma

Ben loves to get his toes done by Maggie
(while doing Ben's toes Maggie told her cousin Lucy "Uh, you probably won't want to use this nail-polish again...")


Erin and Cliff said...

Cute hair cut, Kat! And Happy Mother's day :) Maggie looks so grown up with her legs crossed painting nails!!

Melissa said...

Wow- you were looking to put all of us other moms to shame on Mom's day. I made it a point to give them the REAL me at church. I wore my robe, my retainer, and my glasses. You, however, look super hot!