Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Whole Lot of Poppycock...

Well, I mean, it's my life, so perhaps it's not complete poppycock. Saturday was Ben's 32nd birthday. We wanted to give him a super duper special day, so we left him alone for the most part. After a breakfast of donuts (topped with a candle and sparkler) and a hearty round of Happy Birthday to You, he went off for a day of golf and I took the kids to the:

This is part of the Freedom Festival and one week before the 4th of July the kids in the area get to do a fun little parade down Center Street in Provo. We started out at the beginning of the parade right behind the leading band. By the time we got to the last block, the finale band was literally running us over (and I mean literally. If I were any less of a mom I'd have a picture to post of Cash on the ground- having fallen off his scooter- and band members tripping over him while playing "America the Beautiful". Instead I ran back and snagged him out of the way right as the tuba player was about to tread on my boy's noggin.) Afterwards we were exhausted (and some of us were a little miffed that the popsicles they hand out at the end were all gone.)

So we retraced our steps back to the car and headed to the: Farmers Market!

We hung out there, ate lunch, relaxed in the shade and were refreshed. Ben in the meantime was having lunch with his brothers, eating (so I'm told) a slice of both the Concrete Pie and Asphalt Pie at Winger's. But it was his birthday, remember, so that's totally allowed.

Sunday was another beautiful day. Beautiful. And so we decided to get out of doors and enjoy this earth the Lord has given us. We went hiking up to Bridal Veil Falls and let the kids play in the water.

We missed the Bear that was giving folks a scare, but Ben really did save a woman's life. She almost fell into Provo River off a 10 foot cliff. Backwards. Head first.

Then we packed up and took our hero home where later on we hosted a BBQ for Ben's family. Can I just say that I don't think it gets much better than home made grilled hamburgers. That is unless those hamburgers are followed by home made Yogurt Cake with Strawberries and home made Ice Cream. Yum. {Can you tell that someone forgot the camera for this part of the festivities? Oops.}

Anyways, to recap: Ben had a great birthday, the kids and I had a fun weekend, and oh yeah:


sarah said...

what a fun weekend!! everyone is posting about going hiking lately!! i really need to go too!! really!! anyways, your kidlets are so cute! and happy birthday ben!!

ashley said...

I am glad to see that Cash got a scooter of his own. I think he needs to do a little bite work on that handle foam though, they look a little too perfect. ;)

We just spent a hot afternoon shopping for a few needed clothing items, ate way over priced corn dogs and finished it off with ice cream. Ahhh, summer!

Bringhursts said...

Your. Baby. Is. Cute. I. Totally. Agree.

Also, can I come be one of your kids? What a life. Don't tell my kids what you guys do because then they'll realize what a dud I am.

Brittany said...

Leave to Kat to have a good, old-fashioned Fourth. I love the parade stuff, and a farmer's market sounds perfect. Happy birthday to your man!