Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cash turned 6!

Cash started Kindergarten this year, and although he likes it a lot, he also misses being away from home all day long.  He is constantly requesting that I come visit him at lunch time (and I do.  A lot.  Do you think he'll still want lunch dates with me when he's in High School?)  Cash is very sweet- he likes to tell me he loves me all the time (do you think he'll still do that when he's in High School?).  He also gets a lot of attention from the little girls in his class, and every now and again I find love notes in his backpack...

Cash likes being a big brother and he likes to carry Henry around and "take care" of him.  Henry gets included in all the pretend play that Cash and Oscar participate in- usually he's some kind of little brother animal that needs protecting from the "bad guys" who for some reason are always trying to attack a baby.

Cash's latest obsession is making paper airplanes.  He'll come home from school and practically go through a whole ream of paper, just so he can make a "perfect" airplane.  (On a side note, that will probably never happen unless someone else teaches him how to make a decent airplane... I'm his teacher for now, and my paper airplane skills are extremely lacking).

Cash is also getting pretty good at reading, and he likes to play games where I ask him to spell words and he sounds them out.

Cash sleeps on the top bunk, he prefers batman to superman, and he is really good at sneaking cookies from the cookie jar.

Cash's "Favorites":

Food:  Pancakes
Dessert:  Vanilla Ice Cream
Movie:  The Avengers (wha?  we let him watch that?  huh.)
Fast Food:  Pamboos  (that's what my kids call Panda Express).
Color:  White
Song:  "A Boy Named Sue", Johnny Cash
Subject in School:  P.E.
When I grow up I want to be:  A Ninja
Best Friend:  Malachi (in his Kindergarten class)
Likes to:  watch cartoons, play baseball, ride bikes


Jocelyn said...

Panda Express is one of the girls' favorite fast foods, too. Phae used to think any panda she saw meant Panda Express. Sad.

Happy birthday, Cash!

Erin and Cliff said...

Happy birthday, Cash!!!!! I can't believe you are 6 years old :D You are a great big brother. Glad you are liking kindergarten and learning how to make paper airplanes!