Thursday, June 06, 2013

Maggie is eight!

So apparently this is now a birthday update blog.  Sorry.  Nevertheless, Maggie did have a birthday, she is now eight years old, and we did throw a party for her.

Maggie is thoughtful, considerate, and loves making little gifts and cards for others, especially if she knows they are feeling down.  She likes to keep things neat and clean and will sometimes stay up past her bedtime to help me straighten up the house after the boys are all in bed.  Maggie cannot go to bed unless mom and/or dad tuck her in and she absolutely cannot go to bed angry.  She likes to make up stories for her little brothers- especially stories that make them laugh.  Maggie still loves clothes and still changes her clothes at least once a day.  Thankfully she has also learned how to help fold and put away laundry...

We love Maggie so much and we're glad that she is a part of our family!  Happy 8th Birthday!

Maggie's current Favorites:

Food:  Hamburgers
Dessert:  Pumpkin Pie
Book: The Phantom Toll Booth
Movie:  Shark Week
Color:  Purple
Song:  "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together", Taylor Swift
Subject in School:  Art
When I grow up I want to be:  a Marine Biologist
Best Friend:  Taij'a Anderson
Likes to:  draw pictures, color, do art, swim, go hiking, go running with mom*

*recently I participated in my first 5K... Maggie wanted to start coming running with me, and now when I go to the gym Maggie and I run 1 1/2 miles together before I start my workout.  Her goal is to get up to 3 miles and then she and I want to do a 5K together.  I'm proud of her for doing this and I'm having a lot of fun having this be our "thing" that we do together!

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Erin and Cliff said...

Wow, 8 years old! Happy birthday, Maggie! Your Aunty Erin loves you very much :D And Kat, what a beautiful party, great job!