Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Oscar is Four!

Oscar turned 4 years old the other day.  Oh my gosh, pinch me.  It's amazing how fast this is all going by.  Oscar is our resident comedian.  He likes to tell jokes to make us laugh (his current joke: Where does a frog keep his money?  In a riverbank!) and a lot of the time he is just hilarious without even trying... but don't you dare laugh at him.  He's EXTREMELY sensitive to being laughed at.  Oscar is very sweet and loves to tell all of us how much he loves us.  He will tell me at least once a day that I'm the "best mommy in the whole entire space".  He likes ninjas, superheros, and anything that goes fast.  His favorite toys are his Beyblades and his "fisbee" (frisbee).  He likes to cuddle and read books, he loves getting piggy-back rides from his daddy, and he loves his new role of being a big brother!  Oscar likes to play outside, and as of right now he has an uncanny knack for throwing a football.  He told Ben and I the other day, "when I turn four, I'll be able to say my "Ah's".  (He still can't say his "R's"... and it's the cutest thing ever).

Oscar's Current "Favorites":

Food:  Plain Pizza (that translates to "Pepperoni Pizza")
Dessert: Donuts
Movie: "Bolt" and transformer cartoons
Fast Food: McDonald's
Color: Green
Song: "Sweet and Low" (lullaby) and "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People
Subject  in School: he's not in school yet, but he likes to learn about animals, especially sharks and dinosaurs
What do you want to be when you grow up: a scientist that can make a spiderman mask and "suckson" cups to climb on walls and "fingies" that will shoot webs
Best Friend: Riley Dahl and Ollie Ladle
Likes to: Listen to music on mommy's iPhone, play with Cash and Maggie, ride his scooter, go shopping with my mommy (be still my heart!), watch movies on the iPad.


Cyndi said...

Happy Birthday cute Oscar!!

robin said...

awwww... sweet oscar! i love that he said that oliver is one of his best friends. that makes my heart melt...

Erin and Cliff said...

Oscar, you turned 4?!?! Wow. You sure are a cute 4 year old! I have faith that you'll learn to say your r's soon :) Did you know Wesley loves learning about animals too!