Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dear Blog,

According to this article, I may be becoming addicted to you. You, in a rather conniving and devious fashion, convinced me that blogging was a harmless way to keep in touch with distant relatives, a way to express myself and journal about my adventures as a mom. But then something happened, didn't it blog? I started becoming a little overzealous in my need to have a cute and entertaining blog. I stayed up late editing posts until I felt they were "worthy" of posting! Oh the ridiculousness! I started reading other mom blogs. Some of which belonged to friends who lived nearby, but instead of going and visiting them, I read their blog and called it a day. I became a home body, staying indoors and tethering myself to the laptop, insisting that my kids play in their room or watch Dora again.

But no more, blog. I'm on to you. I'm taking another blog-cation, like I did last year. Next week is supposed to be 70° all week long! Time for picnics in the park, playdates with friends, trips to the zoo, hikes in the mountains, bike rides, walks to the library, sidewalk art, gardening, farmer's markets, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Just thinking about it is a breath of fresh air! So au revoir for now, little bloggie. I'm sure I'll be back.


sarah said...

...crap. im addicted too...

i'm taking Scarlette for a walk.

Brittany said...

Good for you. It's hard to keep a balance, isn't it? But we were at Gardner Village yesterday and it was SO COLD! I just wanted to go warm up in front of a hot computer screen and come back again in a couple weeks when it's hopefully warmer.

Jen said...

seriously - like 80 degrees on wednesday!!! (but don't look at the forcast for next weekend)

AND.... I just want you to know that we are huge fans of the farmers market too. Tamales every saturday and as much produce as we can carry for us.

Ahhhhhhh... my season is finally here!