Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Glad, glad, glad

Did anyone else out there watch Haley Mills in Pollyanna as a kid? It was one of the few "Sunday-Approved" movies at our house... that, Old Yeller, and The Swiss Family Robinson (mmmm, Fritz was a hottie, remember?). Anyways, in Pollyanna there is a scene where she shares a quote by Abraham Lincoln (it was engraved on a necklace her father had given her): "When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." So true. And the opposite is also true- if you look for the good, you will surely find it. So, I've been trying to look for the GOOD in everything, EXPECTING to find it.

Things that made me smile (and even laugh) today:

Hearing my unborn baby's hearbeat at the dr.'s office

Watching Maggie chase a fly with a fork, trying to spear it (I of course had to intervene when the fly landed on Cash's leg)

Seeing Maggie's third ensemble of the day (loving the socks)

Getting a phone call in the middle of the day from my handsome hubby

Cuddling with Cash after his nap (he is EXTREMELY cuddlesome after napping)

Watching Maggie and Cash hold hands while playing

Hearing Cash say, "I Yub You"

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Erin and Cliff said...

Abraham Lincoln. He was the President. hahaha! Love the Pollyanna post, Kat. Your day is filled with such beautiful things :)

I like your new header too!