Friday, October 10, 2008


Maggie: Mom, what shall we have for dinner... chili, or mermaid?
Me: Mermaid? Do we eat mermaid?
Maggie: Yes, we do. It comes in a can.
Me: Oh, you mean Chicken of the Sea.
Maggie: No, it's not chicken. It's mermaid.
Me: Well, it's not chicken OR mermaid... it's tuna.
Maggie: Mmmm. Yes, tuna. Well, shall we have that?


While I was typing up this post Maggie came running in to where I was sitting and said, "Mom, I broke an egg."
I went into the kitchen and was greeted by this:

{that's eleven broken eggs}

So now we are off to the store to buy more eggs and a can or two of "mermaid" (but before we go I need to change Cash's poopy diaper).

How is your day going?


Olivia McCord said...

Speaking of Holden spilled ground ginger all over the floor and in a drawer, Marcus knocked over a cup of milk and did I mention the many goldfish I vacuumed out of my car today?

I'm so glad you recorded the "mermaid" thing - classic.

Jamie P C said...

Hey, it's Jamie C from the ward...I found your blog on Tawna's ;). Anyway, I saw the Mermaid title and had to read it...HILARIOUSE! That is awesome! How are you feeling? It's getting close! :) -Jamie C-

Jamie P C said...

P.S. I met to say Tanya, not, oops (don't tell her I spelt her name so incredibly wrong!)!!

Lorell said...

so she thinks she is eating mermaid, and enjoys it?

That is one sick kid.

ok next weekend (17-19) I will be in Utah BY MYSELF. I want to see you... if you are not doing anything like..say..pushing out a baby?

email me