Monday, October 01, 2007

Me and my bigger half

kelly tagged me for this a while back, and since i've been sans internet, i hadn't gotten around to it... so here it is:

where did you meet your husband?
i met ben through mutual friends. my friend kim and i were driving from california up to utah after christmas break and we were swearing off any serious relationships for the upcoming semester. the day after we arrived in utah, kim’s friend dan took us over to meet his friend ben. i walked in the front door and there was ben eating a pudding snack at the kitchen table. love at first sight. and ben looked good, too.

what was the first thing you said to your husband?
we said hello and introduced ourselves, and i think we even shook hands…

where was the first kiss? First date?
i was pretty head over heels for ben from the get go. we hung out a few times with our previously mentioned mutual friends, and after a few days ben asked me out. we went to a movie (a pre-release showing of The Count of Monte Cristo) and to dinner at Macaroni Grill. our first kiss happened about 3 weeks later when ben walked me to my car after a date. we’ve been kissing ever since.

did you have a long or short courtship/engagement?ben and i met on january 3rd of 2002, were engaged june 30th of 2002, and married october 12th 2002.

where did you get engaged?
my friend kim got engaged the same semester i met ben, and ben came down to california for her wedding in june of 2002. we had previously hinted at the fact that we were in love enough to get married, but i thought an engagement was still months away. on sunday afternoon ben took me for a drive up mt. baldy and we rode the ski lift to the top of the mountain. we were up there hugging and smooching and ben started telling me all the reasons he loved me. i was still clueless to the fact that he was proposing, when all of a sudden he pulled a ring out of his pocket and said, “…in fact, i love you so much i was wondering if you’d be my wife…” i was speechless- and VERY happy.

where did you get married?
we got married in the salt lake temple

How did the reception go?
we had a reception following the wedding in heber city where ben grew up. All of ben’s friends and family were there, along with some of my friends that lived in utah. a week later after our honeymoon, we had a reception at my parents home in claremont, california. i had always wanted to get married in the fall, because i loved fall wedding receptions. we decorated with fall leaf garlands and pumpkins and served pumpkin spice cake and spiced cider.

How was the honeymoon?
we spent our first night as husband and wife at the johnson mill in midway, utah and then jetted off to lincoln city, oregon to my family’s beach house. every one should visit the Oregon coast in the fall. PERFECT weather. we spent several days there and then drove down the coast to california. we had a pretty good time (wink wink, nudge nudge).

i tag mom, sisters, kim, melissa wilson, anjie, olivia, and every one else who still reads my blog…


Anonymous said...

wink, wink, nod nod???? how uncouth...

Olivia McCord said...

I can't imagine you or Ben with anyone else! I accept your tag, although it may take me a few weeks myself...:)

Olivia McCord said...
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Traci said...

How fun a fall wedding- you got married the exact same day and year my daughter was born! Love how you had pumpkins and cider at your reception!

Bringhursts said...

I still can't believe you met Ben before I did. Gosh darn it. (I hope you can read my sarcasm that I'm right now expressing on my face and in my voice)

kat said...

i wish you had met ben before i did too. (i hope you can sense the earnest realism that's on my face and in my voice.)

The Clement Clan's Wife said...

It is so great to hear from you! How did you find me? I'm still trying to figure out this whole blogging thing and would love to find other friends who are blogging too! :)

Groucho is doing so good! Actually, Sumo is a boy, not a girl... we were planning on getting a girl but once everything was said and done, we found out the shelter incorrectly put his gender as a female... by then we were so invested in him, we ended up getting a little boy kitten. Groucho really loves his playmate and they play and sleep all day long together!

i can't believe how old maggie is now! i hardly recognized her! And your little boy is also so cute! Are you guys still in wyoming? what are you guys up to these days? anyways, it's great to see you on here! i also noticed you have angie on your blog, how do i ask for permission to her blog? i don't have her email anymore. :)

anyways, GREAT to hear from you! we miss trivial pursuit nights at your apartment!