Monday, October 15, 2007

Getting up to Speed...

Yay! We finally got our internet up and running! A nice man named Doug came and set everything up for us today, and I pretty much feel like I got an apendage back, I've been lost without my daily dosage of blogging, emailing, and all other things internet. So thank you Doug. You saved my life. Also, new in the world of the Ben Quinn family:

Maggie has started potty training!!! We made a potty chart (don't laugh at the effort I put into making such a pretty potty chart... Maggie needed some inspiration- and frankly so did I) and we put a sticker on it every time she "goes" on the potty. She gets a special treat when the chart is all filled up, and we're more than half way there... so exciting.

Ben and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on Friday. We left our kids OVERNIGHT with Ben's mom and headed up to Lagoon to their Frightmares celebration- all things Halloween. I hadn't been to an amusement park for ages, and sans kids I almost felt like a single, care-free gal once again. After binging on cotton candy and riding roller coasters until our necks ached, we headed down to Salt Lake to The Gateway, Salt Lake's outdoor shopping mall. We walked around, got some dessert, and then went to a movie. Afterwards we drove over to the Radisson where we enjoyed an uninterrupted night's sleep (and that's all I'll say about that...). It was so great!
Here's us on our wedding day, 5 years ago...time flies!

In other recent happenings:

Maggie discovered how to apply make-up:

Cash aspires to hang out with the local apartment skateboarders:

And also, my kids are just so dang cute:

So, welcome back to me!


Lorell said...

Yeah! Happy Fifth, Happy potty training, Happy night with no kids, Happy super cute kids, and yes Welcome Back!

stuart & carolyn said...

Yay, new updates! I love that last picture of Maggie, what a doll!

Bringhursts said...

That is the cutest and most elaborate potty training chart I've ever seen. Can you make one for Eth? Welcome back to the world, Kat, we've missed you sans internet.

Grandma Kristi said...

You lie, Kathryn.....That's not you on your wedding day 5 years ago. That's you 8 days later when you came down to Claremont for your reception after a week long honeymoon. That's why you both look so relaxed and happy.