Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Ben had his birthday a week ago and turned the big 3-0. I meant to post sooner, but better late than never, right? So here's a list of 30 things I adore about my husband:
(Wasn't he a cute baby?)

1. He makes me laugh every day
2. He can cook spaghetti
3. He is self-motivated
4. He shaved his head into a mohawk to "match" our son
5. He drives an awesome car

6. He likes to try new foods
7. He rubs my feet when we watch movies or TV
8. He plays the guitar (and wrote me a song once)
9. He helps me keep the house clean and doesn't seem to mind doing dishes
10. He changes poopy diapers
11. He puts up with my mood swings
12. He pretends to enjoy chick flicks
13. He tells me my crafts are "so cute"
14. He's in a band with his little brother
15. He can do an awesome Irish accent
16. He can tap dance (took classes)
17. He is an entrepreneur and isn't afraid to take financial risks (even when I'm terrified to)

18. He tells me he loves me all the time
19. He is the rock in our marraige
20. He likes those nasty orange circus peanut candies (who knew ANYONE liked those?)
21. He loves our kids

22. He is adventurous
23. He enjoys being outdoors

24. He's a teacher
25. He mows the lawn

26. He is almost OCD when it comes to being clean
27. He dreams of being able to grow an afro like the Jackson 5
28. He wears zip up ties
29. He doesn't snore (much)
30. He loves me, even when I look like this:



Bringhursts said...

Oh my gosh, I'm totally voting for you guys for the cutest couple ever for Prom 2007.

Grandma Kristi said...

Disclaimer: The fact that Ben's 30th birthday cake was served to him on a cooling rack instead of a cake pedestal and set in front of him on a table with no tablecloth, just the protection pad, is no indication of my opinion of my second daughter's husband. It IS an indication of the state of things around here of late---wild and crazy..... Hmmmmm....Come to think of it, maybe there is a connection there after all....
Just kidding, Ben. I can't think of 30 things right now, but we do think you're a great son-in-law! Happy Birthday!

ashley said...

So Kat, did you make Ben's birthday cake or did Mom???

mama jo said...

hey, loved seeing you guys tonight...great to keep in touch

Me, myself, & I said...

wow 30 things! you must still be in love! Ken turned 50--the pressure is on me to do likewise! love~Linda B

Benielle said...

Happy Birthday-TOTALLY LATE. I just had to comment on the baby picture of Ben. Acording to your baby picture you look like you should be turning 130. When was that thing taken 1880's?

Love you guys!