Monday, November 19, 2012


On October 1st, or thereabouts, we packed up our Florida home and headed north to Lexington, Kentucky.  We all miss "Florida" a lot ("Florida" is code for YOU, Ladle family... sniff, sniff), but we really are enjoying Lexington.  How can we not enjoy it here?  Look:

This lake is just down the street.  We like taking walks and ending up here.  Very pretty.

Lots of cool old buildings/houses in town.  I'd live in any of them.  I call these two the "His and Hers houses".
Ha ha.  Ben laughs so hard when I make observations like that.

This is a French restaurant where Ben took me for our 10 year anniversary.  10 YEARS.  TEN.

Halloween costumes this year consisted of: 2 ninjas, 1 cowboy, and Marie Antoinette.

Actually, Ben and I weren't home for the real Halloween night.  We were off on a Mexican vacation- I have exactly zero pictures to show for it, though, because I forgot my camera and my phone at home.  I'm an idiot, I know, but remember how a minute ago you thought I was awesome-sauce because I've been married to Ben for TEN YEARS?!?  Just keep thinking about that.

My parents at the airport with my kids and my niece Abby whom my parents brought with them from Oregon.  
She is Maggie's best friend and the closest thing she has to a sister.  Major, MAJOR tears were shed when Abby left.
Thanks again, mom and dad, for coming out and watching our kidlets!

Lexington is known as the "Horse Capital of the World", so as soon as we could we were off to the races!  My boys loved watching the horses.  Maggie loved eating her bag of popcorn.

Cash was surprisingly accurate at picking a winner each race.  In fact, of the 7 races we watched, he picked the winning/2nd place horse EVERY TIME.  The 2 ladies sitting next to us got wise real quick and started placing bets according to Cash's predictions.  I should've started charging them for his expertise.

Our family on a hike at Natural Bridge State Park.

My minivan's odometer hit a real special number.  MY BIRTHDAY... 5/25/79.  It's the small things.

Here's a fun little Henry picture to end with.  My little teeny tiny boy.  He is sitting on my lap as I type this.  And he's wearing the same stripey pj's just like the picture.  Crazy.  (Except not really because he only wears, like, 3 different outfits).

Okie dokie.  Why is it so hard for me to end blog posts?  Am I that socially awkward that I can't even type good-bye?  Good grief.


The UnMighty said...

I love my wife and I always read her blog. Even if I don't always comment on it. And I'm NOT just writing this because she accused me of the opposite.

Damn, I've got a good lookin' family.

Erin and Cliff said...

I love your family, Kat! It looks like you are having fun exploring KY :) wonderful pics! I'm so excited that Abby got to visit you guys too. See you soon!

robin said...

i'm checking blogs, i'm checking blogs! i haven't done it in WEEKS! so imagine how pleasantly surprised i am to see this little update.

thanks for the shout out. we are still in mourning over here (we always will be)... seriously. sawyer still comments on every minivan that looks like yours... "cash's car! cash's car!" and parker will randomly say she misses maggie. we're a pathetic bunch over here.

but i feel the worst for ME! i have lost my go-to friend, my bosom buddy, my twin!

okay, i'm done.

i love the pictures... especially the one of the boys at the horse races. they are so handsome! and i really wish you had some pictures to show of your mexican vacation! what a dream!