Tuesday, May 29, 2012

36 Weeks

Oh my word, guys, look at this belly!  I see myself everyday in the mirror and I still can't get over how absolutely ginormus I am.  It's a little ridiculous.  Baby boy is still breech, and so I'll probably be scheduled for a c-section to take place in 3 weeks or so.  Judging by the size of my belly, my baby's probably going to weigh in at 24 lbs, so maybe a c-section will be a welcome inconvenience?  I'm still trying to get him to flip head down.  Lots of laying down with my head lower than my hips (which gives me a fantastic case of heartburn.  Every.  Time.).  Lots of crawling around on all fours, swaying my hips from side to side (Oscar always tries to get horse-back rides during those particular exercises).  Lots of shining flashlights at my lower abdomen and pressing my iPhone speakers into my lower belly while blasting music- everything from Mozart to The White Stripes.  Ice bags on the top of my belly, somersaults in the swimming pool- if it's been recommended for turning breech babies, I've tried it.  Lots of positive affirmations and talking to my baby.  All to no avail (so far... I still haven't given up hope).

I've called all sorts of doctors and midwives here in South Florida.  No one is really into doing an "external cephalic version", a procedure I had done with Cash who was also breech but was successfully turned and then stayed head down until he was born a day after his due date.  A few doctors down here will deliver breech babies, but this boy's head is HUGE (at 34 weeks his head measured 40+ weeks) and so from what I've been told delivering him breech is not an option.

But honestly, I've come to peace with the fact that this little guy might not turn.  He tries, he really does.  Most of the time he's in what's called a transverse lie where he is laying across my belly instead of up and down.  And a few times I've gotten him to flip 9/10ths of the way, but then he flips back.  And I can't help but wonder if maybe the cord is wrapped around his neck, or something else is preventing him from getting into the optimal birthing position.  Mostly, I just want this little guy to get here safely.  And if that means a c-section, then I'm on board.  But for now, I'm going to go lay upside-down with some frozen peas on my belly and play some music for this boy... maybe that song by The Byrds, "Turn, turn, turn".

Wish me luck!


Unknown said...

Good luck Kat I'm thinking of you and hoping for you!

Melissa said...

I can't wait! He's going to be wonderful - and honestly, you look fabulous. You REALLY do. You're making me a wee bit jealous knowing that you'll have a little bundle soon!


Olivia McCord said...

Love your facial expression. Have you tried eating pineapple upside down cake? It won't help turn your baby, but it tastes really good;-) Can't wait to see pics of the little guy soon.

Teriney said...

So exciting! Have I mention I envy your beach life!?

kathryn said...

Olivia- Maybe if I eat the cake while I'm upside-down??? :)

Teriney- come visit me for a week... or month!

Erin and Cliff said...

Kat, Mom told me about your baby being breech, and how there might be a good reason this time not to flip the baby. But i found this local group and thought they might have some info if you want any.

Youre belly is looking fab!