Wednesday, June 29, 2011


In an attempt to make meals more interesting at my house, I'm going to be posting our weekly menu. Accountability can be a beautiful thing, no?

Monday: Ben's birthday- ate out
Tuesday: grilled salmon, asparagus, summer squash, fruit salad
Wednesday: taco salad with ground turkey, fruit
Thursday: chicken shish-kebabs, corn on the cob, salad
Friday: home made pizza, salad
Saturday: bruschetta, fruit salad

So, there's my menu for the week. What's cookin' at your house? (No seriously, what are you cookin'? I need ideas...).

P.S. We're now living in mobile, Alabama... We're hicks. Just kiddin' we love it here! I mean, we're right on the gulf coast, need I say more?


Schmath said...

Awesome. I'm just going to copy your menus and use them the week after you do. Now I don't have to make up my own! Here's what's on our menu this week: nachos, turkey and gravy with salad, spaghetti with broccoli, grilled chicken and veggies, and pizza with salad. I only plan 5 meals at a time because we tend to eat out a lot.

Erin and Cliff said...

Kat, have you watched "Sweet Home Alabama" everyday since you've lived there?? You should.

Gosh, it's Wednesday already, what have we been eating? Tacos (bbqed tri-tip), green salad, macaroni salad; I made some green pea pesto on noodles (Wes didn't like that); I made some chicken tortilla soup (it was ok, Wes wasn't a big fan). Since I didn't think Cliff would like the pesto either, that night we also had chicken curry on rice. That's a good easy meal! Get the curry mix from the asian aisle at the grocery store (House Curry, Vermont curry) , saute some carrots, potatoes, onions, toss in some chicken. Eat over rice. Yum!

Melissa said...

Hmm....let's see.

I think this week we've had pizza and salad, chicken pesto, cucumber sandwiches, haystacks and spaghetti with squash.

I've never cooked a sweet potato, but lately have wanted to try. Any suggestions?