Friday, February 11, 2011

On this very day

last year, I was sending Maggie off to her pre-school with a bag full of home made little Valentine's. They weren't too fancy, but she helped make them and she loved handing them out to all her little friends. This year all of us are home sick. Cash is missing his Valentine's party today (we dropped off some store bought Valentine's at his school- no home made cut out hearts this year, no siree. Thank you Hello Kitty and Spider-Man for saving the day). We'll see if Maggie is feeling better by Monday when she has her class party. This cold of mine has almost lasted me a full week. Blech. My poor kids have been neglected for most of that time (Ben stayed home on Tuesday so he, I mean, I could sleep all day, so they got real food and diaper changes on Tuesday.) Maggie has been my little helper, bringing me glasses of water and brushing my hair. Right now she's "reading" a dinosaur book to her little brothers (who are supposed to be napping). I just heard her say, "With their big huge teeth, bigger than sharks, moving side by side, and their well-made eyes like bees nests, these dinosaurs are bigger than this house and very scary and meaner than volcanoes and probably were waiting for humans to pet them (they didn't know humans weren't alive yet) so they could bite them."

At least while I'm sitting here in my misery, my kids are getting a quality education.

Maggie's Valentine's: 2010

p.s. I just realized that most people have colds and can still function, but I'm telling you people, this has been the head cold from HELL. I am reminiscent of the swine flu of 2009, that's how crappy this cold has been. So before you get all on my case saying things like, "c'mon Kat, it's a COLD for crying out loud, what is up with that? You are seriously the biggest boob EVER", just know that this is no ordinary cold. It's a cold on steroids. Okay, now you can judge.


Cyndi said...

I won't judge because I've had it too. I finally gave in and went to the Dr. today...acute bronchitis & possibly pertussis. Ugh! Um, I saw you about two weeks ago....about 2 days before mine fully hit with a vengeance...sorry if I passed it on. :(

P.S. Yay for generic Valentine's!!

P.S.S. Valentine's is the worst commercial holiday your kids are good.

Erin and Cliff said...

Sorry you are feeling so awful, Kat! If it lasts more than 7 days maybe it's a sinus infection. That's what everyone has down here.

kathryn said...

My cough is not so horrible, it's mostly sinus pressure. And I'm glad I ran into you at the mall that night- I have NO IDEA how I would have juggled 2 kids and our food in a mall bathroom (um, you'd think that as a mom of 3 kids, I'd learn to ask if anyone needs to go potty BEFORE we get our food- but no, I never learn). So thanks again to you and Skylar for keeping an eye on Oscar while I did the potty run. And I hope you get to feeling better! Pertussis?!? Crazy!

Erin- tomorrow is day 7, but I'm not running a fever... I'm thinking it's all slowly clearing out. Emphasis on slowly.

Olivia McCord said...

Feel better.