Wednesday, August 18, 2010

hello friends!

We are all moved in! Moved in and well rested from the blogging break and our yearly trip to the OREGON COAST! Oh how I love you, Oregon Coast...

...and that's about all I have. Shed a tear with me as a grieve for the pictures that my camera LOST... grrr. I need a new camera.***

Anyways, we're home, we're all good, we're excited for school to be in session (Maggie starts Kindergarten! woot woot!).

p.s. someday I'm going to live on the Oregon Coast- just so y'all know.

***UPDATE: I found more of my pictures- they got filed weird when I downloaded them to my computer, although I'm still missing a bunch, so I could still use that new camera... Ben, are you listening???

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Bringhursts said...

Yay! Kat's back. Now if I could just follow suit . . .