Friday, July 16, 2010

We Interrupt This Blogging Break for a Brief Message..

Okay peoples, I'm going through my mountains of laundry today since I've put all housekeeping duties on the back burner and have put all my energies into packing up this little homestead of mine. But alas, I've run out of laundry detergent and need to run to the grocery store to buy more- but my kids are in the middle of The Princess Bride and Wesley's in the (read with a super scratchy voice) Pit of Despair and I can't very well pull my kids away in the middle of all that suspense and drama, now can I? So I'm logging on to my blog to really quick fill you in on the details of our move. We are moving to: (drumroll) HEBER CITY, UTAH! Oh man, are you so excited for us? Will you still be so excited for us when I say that we are moving in with Ben's mom? Hmmm? So yes, that is where we are moving... we are paying down debt and saving up so we can finally buy a house (how many years have I been having that as a goal now?). Anyhow, don't you Utahns worry, we will still be close enough for weekly Sunday dinners at your houses.

And now, back to the scheduled program (aka the Blogging Break).

(But first a picture to appease my mom who only checks this blog for snapshots of her favorite grandkidlets)


sarah said...

kat!! i am amazed at this picture. Cash is neither pushing or stepping on Oscar! Did you have to promise indentured servitude or something? haha. JK
but i do love the pic! :)

sarah said...

PS. scarlette still has never seen the princess bride... maybe we should watch it this weekend.

Jen said...

Seriously. What are the odds of living across the street from you for a THIRD time?

Bringhursts said...

What about annual meeting the Bringhurst for lunch when we come to Utah? The first week of August. Don't call us. We'll call you (probably).

And congrats on the move . . . you can move in with us next.

Grant and Stacy said...

LOVE the muscle shirt! BTW, I'm a little bitter you never called me back while I was in Utah. Just kidding, I figured you were pretty stressed with the move and all. We'll catch up again soon. Any plans of coming to Cali?

Rick and Britt said...

my friends doug and kalee lange just moved to heber too!!! now i REALLY have to get over there!