Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Maggie came in & told me that Cash hit her... then she goes back in the bedroom with Cash.

Maggie: Cash, I just told on you.
Cash: Oh yeah? Well, I'm gonna tell on you... [yelling] Mooooommm! Maggie just told on me!


I was making a chocolate cream pie for dessert and Cash was in the kitchen blowing on a plastic whistle over and over and over and over. I told Cash if he blew it one more time, he'd lose it... 0.03 seconds later he blew the whistle again & I grabbed it and put it on the counter. He got angry and kicked a kitchen chair & slammed the pantry door and so landed himself in a time out.

Cash: As soon as I'm done with my dessert, I'm packing my stuff and leaving.
Me: Oh, really?
Cash: Yes, but you have to help me pack.
Me: Oh, is that right?
Cash: Yes, and if no one helps me pack, then I'm just staying here...

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Erin and Cliff said...

hahahaha, that little Cash sure know how to get back at 'cha. Well at least he was going to finish his dessert, that's my priority as well :)