Monday, August 03, 2009


Maggie: Mom, I can speak in Spanish... you know that?
Me: No, I didn't know you could speak Spanish.
Maggie: Yeah. I can. Like this: Snoches.
Me: Oh, and what does that mean?
Maggie: It means 'go to sleep'.
{You know, like buenos noches... snoches.}
Me: Yes! Very good!
Maggie: And I know another Spanish.
Me: Let's hear it.
Maggie: Gardonoggines!
Me: Okay...
Maggie: It means 'no I don't want to get on that train right now because I'm scared but maybe later if I have cookie I can get on the train.'

{PREFACE: Maggie's Sunday School class is doing a service project where they are collecting items to sell in a garage sale. All of the proceeds from the garage sale will go to help children in the Dominican Republic. Her Sunday School teachers have been talking a lot about how Maggie's class can help out.}

Maggie: Mom, there's these kids that don't have moms or daddies or toothbrushes or toys. It's so sad, mom.
Me: Yes, and we should go up to your room and go through your toys and clothes and find things that you don't need so we can give them to those kids.
Maggie: Well actually mom, there aren't any girls down there so we don't need to give them any of my stuff.


Erin and Cliff said...

Oh little Maggie. I'm so impressed with the Spanish! That is very good.

Grandma Kristi said...

I think what she meant was there are no girls down there like her. No, Maggie dear, there are no girls just like you anywhere. You are definitely a one of a kind girl like no other!!

Andrea said...

the things she says are so funny

Shah said...

Nice post and very attractive picture.

Emily said...

That is the cutest thing. I love reading these conversations, it gets me excited for the future! :)