Friday, March 13, 2009

The Seed

A tiny seed, a patient hand,
A bit of earth and nurturing land.
Each day, continuing it's fight,
The seedling pushes toward the light.

With watchful eye the gardener tends,
Upon his care the seed depends.
Day by day the seedling grows,
And then, at last, becomes a rose.

We must ourselves be like that seed
And trust in God for every need.
Then day by day our faith will grow,
From that small seed that we must sow.

Acts of kindness, service, love,
Bring us blessings from above,
Help us through our daily strife,
And let us know the rose of life.

~Kathryn A. Quinn

Maggie and I planted some seeds for our garden (we're trying to get an early start) and as we've been watching them "wake up", I've been thinking about this poem I wrote back in high school. So, enjoy this little photo and poem, both of which make me excited for Spring.


Carly said...

You guys are so cute and creative. We need to get together soon. Terribly sad to hear that Ben is leaving apx. I think Tyler will cry for days.

Brittany said...

Cute! You make me want to go read The Secret Garden. It's perfect for this time of year.

Elizabeth Clayton said...

Love this poem Katherine!

Grant and Stacy said...

Cute poem! I came home to spring! It's so beautifl here. We went to the park today. The ladies were telling me how cold it has been around here. PLEASE! Anyway, thanks for such a great time! I really miss hanging out with you more often. COME TO CALI! There's room for you here!

Marcella said...

I'm growing starter plants too! We still live in Cheyenne, just bought a home and have a great garden plot. I'll be in Utah for two weeks starting April 17th. We'll definitely get together. You look beautiful, and you don't have a 'manly' jaw.