Thursday, July 17, 2008


As my belly has become noticeably large, it has gained a lot of attention to the "3 and under" crowd in our house. Especially Maggie. Lately she likes to be "pregdent" just like mom, and a week or so ago she even kept her baby (a stuffed horse on this particular day) in her belly while we went to the store because upon urging her to remove it, she informed me that it wasn't big enough to get out yet. Also please note the B.A.C.A. tattoo she is sporting from a trip to the local farmers' market. All she needs is a candy cigarette between those cherub lips and she'd be the (literal) poster child for anti-teen pregnancy.


Melissa said...

Did you change the title of this post? I SWEAR it was something different earlier. Not that I look at blogs more than once/day. Because I have a life. Really. I'm cleaning the kitchen RIGHT now.

Wow, after reading that, I realized that the only "life" I could think of was cleaning. Maybe it's better that I admit to staring at blogs all day rather than admitting all I do is clean my house.

Maybe I should get a head start on tomorrow's cakes.

Bringhursts said...

I had no idea Magster was a member of B.A.C.A. Seriously, those people loved me when I worked for the D.A.

Ryan. said...


If you change a post name after you've posted it, the URL still stays the same. So although it's called Posterchild, the URL says little-miss-copykat.html.

i'm kelly said...

this is darling. she is too cute! maybe she can be preggo for halloween.