Friday, February 22, 2008

standing on my {organic and made with essential oils} soap-box:

The past five days I have suffered from a continual headache. I would describe it in detail for you, but that would require me to use several expletives and this is a family-friendly site. Let's just say a blunt object being shoved through my eye socket would have felt better. Too graphic?... sorry.

There have been several nights of taking these:

And several days filled with these:

There have been numerous hot showers, long baths, massage, drinking tons of water, eating my weight in protein, stretching, and also hair pulling and crying. It's been exhausting. And then this morning I found this little bottle in my bathroom cupboard:

I rubbed some on my neck and shoulders and gave myself a little mini massage. And then I rubbed a bunch on my forehead and temples and then I just sat here and smelled it for a few minutes. And...relief. Headache gone. No more wanting to poke my own eyes out.

I don't know why I'm always a little bit suspicious when it comes to essential oils, but let me tell time, I'm grabbing this bottle FIRST.


Jen said...

Dr. Pepper cures my ailments but I'm glad that there's something out there a bit more healthy!

I'm glad it worked!

Matt Clayton said...

Oh great, next thing we know you'll be in Birkenstocks.

Melissa said...

WHAT is going on here? I just returned from the store with Excedrine Migraine for the exact same thing. I seriously think this is one of the longest lasting, worst headaches I've ever had. I think I'm coming by tomorrow to steal some of that. SERIOUSLY - I'll be in the area.

So, what's in it? Lavender and Peppermint? (That'd be my witch-doctor guess.)

kathryn said...

melissa- yes, it has peppermint and lavender and basil (of all things).

jen- yeah, i try the caffeine thing a lot, too, but it wasn't helping.

matt- if Birkenstocks will get rid of the headache from HELL, then yes, i'll wear them... and i'm so sure you have a pair you secretly wear around the house. maybe an old pair from when they were "in style" ten years ago??? i'm going to look into it, because i'm sure even you've had fashion faux pas from time to time : )

sarah said...

was this headache brought on from eating the entire box of belgium chocolate mom sent you ??

Jocelyn said...

Sure, you had a "headache." Did you ever consider asking your "headache" to spend a few more hours at work? That would have done the trick (wink).

i'm kelly said...

i BIG dr. pepper & lots of excederin always does the trick for me.

Lorell said...

Every now and again you need a little cellular level repogramming. Ahhhhh.

Basil is some good stuff!

I am glad you found the light!

Tom Q. said...

I enjoy bass-lining smarties, and then watching as my world transforms into a candy wonderland. It would be a much more frequent occurance if only Captain Peppermint weren't so bossy.

Kim said...

Remember when I used to write a weekly essential oils newsletter? I totally would have put your success story in the Product Tip section.

kathryn said...

Tom, remember how my site if family friendly? And then you come on here and throw around drug-related themes like "base-lining" and "Captain Peppermint"? Low class. We're going to need to talk about this. Bring some smarties.