Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Shades of Blue

So, today it's raining. Not just a light springtime rain to give the flowers a drink, it's a full blown rain storm with dark clouds sending down torrents of angry rain and even a little hail. I tried to shrug off my somewhat grumpy mood today by slathering on self-tanner and giving myself a pedicure. And although my legs now look splendidly sun-kissed and my toes are totally sandal worthy, I'm wishing I was somewhere where the seasons play their designated part. No more of this "wintery spring" nonsense. To add insult to injury, my parents just returned from a vacation to Aruba and my dad has downloaded pictures galore of he and my mom basking in the tropical sun, snorkeling in clear, warm waters, and just generally having a grand ol' time. You can see their trip here. BUT BE FOREWARNED: you may find yourself growing irrationally jealous and do something brash- like buy a one-way ticket to Hawaii.

Here are some Aruba pictures I found online. They are going to be my new desktop. Maybe I'll put on my bathing suit, make myself a virgin pina colada, and sit in front of the computer the rest of the day. I was always good at pretending.


Melissa said...

Haha. We're looking at eachother's blogs at the exact same time. I was reading about Aruba when an "email from Kat" popped up in the bottom right corner. I can't wait until you're back.

Kelly said...

your header is always so cute. i could have sworn you had two kids... where do you find the time to give yourself a pedicure. if you have a secret for getting them to sleep at the same tip, do share!