Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring has Sprung!

FINALLY! Today I went out into my garden (I use the term "my" loosely because it is in fact a garden left from the previous occupants of this home) and look what I found:

Can you imagine what a happy surprise this was for me?!! A flower! A real live flower! Yay! The world is not dead!

Maggie and I decided to celebrate and take advantage of the "warm" weather by taking our babies for a walk. We had a great time- we talked about girl stuff, like the tiny, tiny rocks on the ground, dogs in the neighboring yards, sticks, and weeds that looked like spiders. All in all it was a great walk and it was just so nice to be outside enjoying nature again. Suddenly I feel a little spring in my step- pun totally intended.


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kat... your such a cute mom! Do you think you could give me lessons?