Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Darling Cash

I thought that if I'm going to be writing periodic letters to Maggie, I should also write them to Cash, so here is the first of many letters to my baby boy:

Darling Cash:

Although you’ve only been an official member of this family for three short months, I have a hard time remembering what our little household was like before you joined. You, with your perfect little round head, have been a dream child. Of course as I type this I am intermittently trying to burp you. If I stop patting you on the back your little forehead puckers with concern, and your lower lip sticks out further and further until you finally let out a hearty wail. But the few times a week you decide to be “needy” are a welcome change to your usual laid-back demeanor. If you didn’t have moments where you cried for attention, I worry that I might leave you in your bouncy chair weeks at a time, taking you out only to feed you, bathe you and change your diaper. But that’s a pretty silly idea because with your big blue eyes, your adorable smile and your squishy, edible cheeks, there is no way I could ever let a bouncy chair permanently take my place.

Lately you have been playing the part of discoverer, finding all sorts of new and intriguing things like your voice and your hands and the fact that you can control your voice and hands. You especially love your hands and will slowly bring them together in front of your face. Then as soon as they touch one another, you quickly bring them to your mouth and stuff them in like they’re made of salami and you haven’t eaten in weeks. You have also discovered that food and mama go hand-in-hand and if I say something while you’re eating, you’ll stop and look up at me in surprise, as if to say, “Hey, fancy meeting you here!” and then you’ll give me one of your huge, toothless grins while milk dribbles down your chin.

I love how simple our lives are right now- how I can make you so happy just by keeping your tummy full and your diaper clean. I love how you smell, I love the way your peach fuzz hair feels against my lips. I love kissing your tiny mouth, listening to you coo in the morning right after you wake up, and how you look at me with complete adoration. You are my sweet, darling baby and no matter how much you grow up, Cash, that will somehow never change.

I love you,



Kim said...

You're so lucky, Kat. Liam didn't close his mouth for the first year of his life, so I couldn't give him a kiss on the lips unless I wanted a big glob of tongue and spit to come with it.

Stuart and Carolyn said...

Hi Kathryn - just thought I'd let you know that Stuart and I now have a blog - it's nice to be able to see pictures of you guys since you're so far away! Maggie and Cash are too cute! After reading your letter, I can't wait for those cute little baby moments again...almost there!

Kelly said...

Kat... you are so cute. Again, I read, and think, what a great idea. But do I do it? Nah... to much effort, too much thinking. But I love hearing about your little guy. it is such fun!

Melissa said...

Kat - where are you getting all these lovely blog designs? Do you make them yourself? If so - you need to give me a hand. I'm getting sick of my brown and blue.

G&J Matthews said...

Cash is so adorable! I can't wait to meet him. Your letter to him is so sweet. I'm afraid if I tried the letter thing, I'd be writing all day, too afraid to leave something out. I'm glad you seem to be enjoying motherhood so much-- even with your efforts doubled now that you have two little sweeties!

I'm curious, too. Where DO you get such cute blog designs? And, I have to say, I LOVE your blog title. Let's hear it for being pasty!

sarah said...

kat, i started writing to scarlette and i love it! in fact i was writing last night, but i had to stop because she was tired and grumpy but couldnt fall asleep. so i just layed down with her.

i love the outfit cash is wearing. im so glad i gave it to him! :)

Lorell said...

Once again, beautiful.

Is there a reason why I got taken off your links? Are we not friends anymore? Sniff, Sniff.

kat said...

lorell, my darling, you are back in business on my site... sorry!

Lorell said...


bex said...

i love these letters you write.