Friday, February 02, 2007

Numero 4

O.K. This seriously had better be the last time I have to post pictures of our "new place" for a LONG, LONG time!
Here is where we eat dinner. Also where Maggie likes to dance.

Our lovely Family/TV room. Check out Ben's handiwork on the TV shelf... maybe he's finally found his true calling in life?

My room (aka the room I probably spend most of my time in):

Here's Maggie's Bedroom. Notice that she has upgraded to a toddler bed! (thanks again, grandma kristi and grandpa rick) She LOVES her bed. Several times during the day she goes in to take quick "naps" on it- this involves her climbing under the covers closing her eyes for 3 seconds, "waking up" and saying good morning, and then telling me to go in and make her bed. All so she can repeat the process in about half and hour.

Ben and Cash's sleeping room. Kat's "why won't my husband stop snoring, my baby stop nursing, my toddler stop crying for me so that I can get some gosh dang sleep?" room.

And last, but not least, our Office/Guest room. Why have a guest room you might ask? Beats me because I don't think anyone would ever make the trek into No Man's land to visit Ben and I. But if any of you ever find yourself lost in this wilderness, feel free to drop in.


ashley said...

Hi Kat, I'm always impressed at how fast you can make a new place look like home. Also impressive is the fact that you have a new baby AND a clean house! :) And yes we want to come visit!

Bringhursts said...

So cute, Kat. I recognize so many things and miss the Quinners. Like the lemon kitchen rug, the gorgeous couches, the cute pics above Mag's bed. Oh, to be neighbors again.