Wednesday, January 31, 2007

All about M.E. in Margaret Elaine. Maggie likes to hold Cash. This consists of me propping Cash on a pillow on Maggie's lap...

...and then waiting while she slowly lets him slip off.

She begged and begged to let her push Cash around her in dolly stroller (that's pretty much what she thinks Cash is... one of her dolls). I finally gave in.

Big mistake because after I took him out she was very sad. She doesn't yet understand when I say to her, "I'm sorry honey, but it's not safe for you to push Cash around in your stroller. Especially because I see what happens when you and your stroller get near stairs." If toys had abuse laws, Maggie's would all be taken away by DCFS and be in foster homes by now.

On a happier note, Maggie has learned to do summersalts. She starts at one end of the room and keeps on giong until somthing blocks her path. Like the wall, or furniture.

Also, Maggie got bangs. They are so in right now and boy does she love making a fashion statement!


sarah said...

does maggie call them summer peppers?

Cliff and Erin said...

Yes, Sarah, I bet she does because she loves my dog Pepper :)

What adorable pictures of the kids, Kat. Maggie will be ver disappointed to know some day that I can only laugh out load when I look at the 2 pics of her and the stroller - one with a huge smile and Cash and the other with a huge frown sans Cash! Those are the funniest and cutest pics ever!

Kim said...

I love the bangs!

Lorell said...

Poor Cash. Taking the beating everyday from Maggie. Gosh, in like 4 weeks he is going to be bigger than her, right?

Your carpet is cute.