Sunday, January 07, 2007

new year, old custom...

Well, we've lived in our new apartment here in Driggs Idaho for about two months now, so of course we have to move. It just wouldn't be normal if we didn't, right? So yes, we are ONCE AGAIN moving. I'm married to a gypsy. Right now our entire house is packed into boxes waiting to be transported back over the mountain into Jackson, WY. Let me tell you, it sure is super fun to pack up a house with a 2-week-old baby and a 20-month toddler who wants to give baby snot covered kisses every 5 minutes. At one point we tried putting the baby on the table in his car seat to keep him out of Maggie's reach. But we forgot that Maggie is half monkey and can scale anything. Within 3 mintues both Maggie and Cash were on the floor crying. Don't fret, no one sustained any real injuries. Maybe Maggie was just trying to teach Cash about gravity. Moving on (no pun intended...), Ben and I were supposed to be unpacking all our boxes in our new home in Jackson today. But as luck would have it, luck was not on our side. Nor was the weather. The pass between Driggs and Jackson was both impossible and impassible for a big moving truck loaded with all our stuff. So now we're sitting in a mostly empty house waiting for the weather to clear. Ben wanted to attempt it anyway (he thinks he's the world's greatest driver- that must be why he has to finish traffic school by feb. 14, right?). I'm glad we didn't, though, because we ended up driving over the pass in our 4 x 4 Durango for a birthday party and it was a blizzard on the mountain. At one point Ben couldn't see anything in front of him and we "crashed" into the guardrail. I say "crashed" because it was covered with a huge mound of snow and so provided a nice cushy pillow, if you will, for the car to softly bump into. We made it over the mountain unscathed but i really think in a rear wheel drive, 3-ton truck, it would have been a much different story. Maybe a better story in the end, because crashing THROUGH a snow covered guardrail and flying through the cold mountain air sounds much more fascinating.


TheSchofs said...

I hope you are all moved in and settled. At least for a couple months, right?

Denise said...

Kat you should be a professional writer!!!! I am so serious; you have an incredible talent for it.

Love, light and peace,