Wednesday, January 17, 2007

non-verbal communication

maggie LOVES her brother cash

but sometimes cash is a little uncertain of his feelings for his often spastic older sister

especially when she makes faces like this:

it kinda freaks him out some

but then maggie lets him know she's just jokin'

and cash flashes maggie an ultra cool look that says, "it's all good, sis."


ashley said...

Cash has changed so much Kat! His eyes are open! So cute! We want photos of your new place...even if you still have 70's carpet in the kitchen!

Lorell said...

Carpet IN the kitchen? What rocket scientist did that?

Anyways, looks like you can't take your eyes off of Maggie in fear you will have a WWE session.

Your kids are still cute.

sarah said...

im so glad that maggie and cash have their own way of communicating.

cash is getting so big! its amazing how different babies look with their eyes open. scarlettes the same way.