Tuesday, October 17, 2006

ol' yeller-stone

well, i lost my camera for a while, but it's been found and it's high time i posted some totally exciting stuff about my life the past few months. so, for starters, here's some pics of my trip to yellowstone.

i had never been before (gasp, gasp!) and decided i'd better go now that i live so close. so, here's the little ben quinn family trying to smile in front of a really stinky geyser.

and here's a cave called dragon's breath (it should be obvious as to how it got it's name):

and here are my two old faithful's (because ben is so faithful, get it?)

and last but not least is a scary picture of me in a bathing suit (see my budding little belly?). ben and maggie went swimming at the fire hole. it's this place where a hot spring warms the river... neato, eh?

1 comment:

sarah said...

how fun!! i wanna go to yellowstone. maybe one day we will have to come visit you in wyoming.... maybe. :)