Thursday, October 05, 2006


i thought maybe i'd give you all a taste of the jackson wyoming experience. the weather is getting cold (we already have a little snow in the mountains) and so the buffalos (or ta-tonka, for all you crazy "dances with wolves" fans out there) are back in the jackson area, probably to ski and shop and try a buffalo burger (which is a little weird). anywho, here's some pics of the buffalos:

this picture is just a gang of buffalos eating dried up grass... (that really is what you call a group of buffalo- a gang... although to be totally correct, i should tell you that these are actually bison- closely related to, but not actually buffalo. so really this is a boring ol' herd of bison)

here is a buffalo (or bison, whatever) with what i think is probably the equivalent of a tattoo. nice patch...

and here we have a buffalo doing a tap dance routine on the pavement for us. they are really such talented creatures.

and there you have it, folks. that's jackson in a nutshell. good-bye and goodnight.


Benielle said...

the last one looks like she is posing. ya know- popping out her knee so her thighs look thinner.

ashley said...

No... I think that last buffalo pose means "Stop taking photos or I'm going to ram your car!" I'm glad you have a big SUV for protection, Kat!