Monday, August 21, 2006


well, my sister ashley and her daughter abby (who is 6 months older than maggie) have come to new york for a few days. so now there are 5 of us touristing it up in cazenovia. here are maggie and abby having fun in the car ride home from the airport. (we eventually had to move their carseats apart because maggie couldn't contain herself and kept scratching abby's arm in what we'll call "unrestrained elation" at having a little friend visit.)

and do you all remember maggie's new dog Braeloch that we bought at the Brae Loch Inn? well, in genius foresight, my mom and i thought it would be best if we bought abby a puppy as well, so we went to a store called Mulligan's and bought abby a scotty dog... his name is Mulligan (the Smith's are real original when it comes to naming stuffed animals). even though they each have their own doggies, the girls still like to pretend fight over whose is whose for fun.

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