Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Baby Huck

An official "Henry Update" post. 

But let's face it, Baby Huck's life story up until now is crazy exciting, so you'll be glad I'm posting this... 

First of all, we really don't call this baby "Baby Huck". Except for sometimes. Randomly. I voted for it, but Maggie put the kibosh on that because it "sounds like a bad word, mom! It sounds like Heck." So. There's that.

We also discussed nicknames like Hal or Harry or Hank. But so far, nothing has really taken. We might be able to use the nickname Red or Ginger, though, as this boy seems to have some pretty red hair.  Ben says it's just wishful thinking, but the pediatrician confirmed that this boy's hair is r-e-d red.  Doctors can confirm hair color, right?

Also, please draw your attention in the previous photo to Baby H's cheeks. This boy has some serious jowls. They get their fair share of kisses from everyone in this family- especially me.

You may also be noticing in the above pic that Henry is sporting some kind of pink nightgown.  Well, he is.  This is because it's a hospital nighty.  A few weeks ago this little one woke up on a Saturday morning with a fever of 104.4.  I called the doctor and the doctor said, "No more monkeys..." "Get that baby to the ER, stat!"

So off to the ER we went. And poor little baby was poked and prodded. Blood drawn, urine sample, Spinal Tap, IV. I tried to be brave but after the 4th attempt to insert the IV needle I totally cried right along with Henry. After they took all the samples they needed we were taken up to the pediatric ward to hang out for what ended up being 5 days. Turns out Henry had a urinary tract infection and needed some antibiotics, which were given intravenously. Bless the hearts of all those who have to see their babies in the hospital for extended lengths of time. I hated seeing Henry with IV's and monitors, and my baby was probably a ".01" on the the illness scale.

You should also know that from Day 1, Henry has sported a very serious, scowly face 99% of the time. I don't know if he's disappointed, or confused, or both.

Haha, this face.  It kills me.

 I think he pulls it off quite nicely.

Other things Henry can pull off:

-Acrylic Pant Suits
-Cowboy Hats

So, consider yourself updated on all things Henry/Huck/Hank Quinn.

Oh, except you should know that he now resides in Kentucky.

More on that later.


Admiral Joe said...

kentucky?! hooray, now you're our KY friends! we can have KY parties! what does that mean?

Cyndi said...

He is so precious! I love those chubby kissable cheeks. Kade used to have that look when he was a wee serious! I used to tell Ben that he was a sad soul, but it turns out it was those ginormous cheeks! He just didn't have any muscle in them to keep from scowling! He's now our happiest kiddo. Give little Huck (haha) some time. :)

Erin and Cliff said...

Wesley likes the picture of Henry in the cowboy hat, and he wants to know if Henry has a lasso. Does he?

Olivia McCord said...

So I was FINALLY going to visit you in Florida...oh well, Kentucky sounds like a fun adventure. Henry is ADORABLE. We really miss you guys.

Elizabeth Clayton Smith said...

I love this post Kathryn! Harrison wants to know about the lasso too.

robin said...

i need henry to come back to me.

sarah said...

mason had the scowly face going too. maybe it's a smith thing... like that line thing that you and mom have??

kathryn said...

"that line thing"?!?? Well, that sounds awkward. You mean our angry eyes?

kathryn said...

I don't know, but we'll just improvise. Come on over.