Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We bought an annual pass to the Palm Beach zoo a week ago, and we've already been twice. It's a small zoo, they don't even have elephants or giraffes, but they have a komodo dragon, so the kids are cool with it. Oscar has the idea that a zoo is really just a huge pet store where he can pick and choose which animals he'd like to take home with him (all of them). This is what a conversation with Oscar at the zoo sounds like:

Me: Kids, look over here! It's a giant anteater!
Oscar: Awww! Mom, are anteaters good for kids? Can I get a baby anteater?
Me: No, we can't get a baby anteater... Ooooo, look over here guys! Ocelots!
Oscar: Awww! Mom, are Ocelots good for kids? Can I get a baby Ocelot?

This last time we went Oscar fell in love with the Wallabies. In Oscar-ese it's pronounced "Wawwabees". He kept telling Ben and I that he "wants a wawwabee wewy wewy bad." Cute, huh?

We love the zoo and love learning about animals. This last time we got to watch a Honduras Milk Snake eat it's dinner (a little mouse), the kids got to feed the peafowl (Maggie was a little upset that peahens are nowhere near as pretty as peacocks), and we got to see a spectacled owl up close and out of it's cage.

This last picture was taken in the butterfly garden. I came around the corner and was confused because I couldn't figure out what all of my kids were so seriously (creepily) pointing at... when asked, Cash told me, "No, mom. We're holding real still so some butterflies land on our fingers." Too bad no butterflies cooperated. (And thank goodness my kids aren't possessed a la Children of the Corn)

I don't know how to "end" this post.

The End
(how's that?)


Erin and Cliff said...

hahaha, Kat they totally look possessed. I'm so glad to learn they are not :D Aww, I wish you guys could get a wallabee too! that would be fun.

Melissa said...

Ooh, at least your zoo has bears. The Hoggle Zoo is pathetic. They keep killing off their animals - it's really quite sad.

I love your instagrams - keep them coming!

Cyndi said...

That zoo looks awesome! Who wouldn't want a wallaby? Your kids look like models, by the way...even when they look possessed.

ashley said...

We used to go to a small zoo in San Jose. I loved it! Do they have any alligators?

kathryn said...

yes, ashley, they do have alligators, but those are kinda "old hat" when you live in florida. although they do have a rare white alligator named Mardi (after Mardi Gras).

Erin and Cliff said...

Wesley wants to know what the kids are looking at in the water.

kathryn said...

Erin- they are looking at OTTERS!