Tuesday, February 07, 2012

February Post

It looks like once a month posting is my max, guys. Deal with it.
Now on to the good stuff!

People, this is what happens when I attempt to re-create Pinterest projects.

I found this little lovebirds-in-a-jar project while browsing Pinterest on my phone recently (something Ben will tell you takes up 85% of my day... I say 40% is more realistic):

I thought it was kind of creative and cute and not your usual run-of-the-mill Valentine's Day decor.
So, I tried to make my own (apology here for the lack-luster photo... I didn't even bother editing it):

Look closely... those birds look like they are sitting in their own goopy excrement. Just darling, isn't it?

Speaking of movements (hahaha!), Maggie joined the anti-bare-feet alliance and got herself (by unabashedly begging me) a sparkly pair of Toms, thereby donating a pair of new shoes to a child in need. (She was sure to emphasize that perk to Ben who wondered why she needed a pair of Toms in the first place. Of course, we all know that really she just wanted keep up with the smaller Boca crowd, who are- apparently- extremely benevolent...)

This purchase just continues to show that my children dress better than me... (free "gently used" pair of Chaco flip-flops that your husband found on the side of the road anyone???)

Ben and I have instigated "Saturday Morning Chores". I make Oscar do them in his undies.

New things that are happening this coming month that would be blog-worthy, but I'll probably be too lazy to blog about them:

We will (hopefully) be finding out soon if this baby is going to be of the male or female persuasion.

Ben put me on a strict cash-not-card budget. Boo.

Maggie is starting ballet.

I am finally potty-training Oscar.

p.s. If you, too, would like to attempt the "Lovebirds" project, go here. Theirs is waaaaay cuter than mine.


ashley said...

Maybe your glue gun needs a little more fiber in its diet.

Now Maggie's shoes match her backpack. She is so chic. :)

Love you guys!

Bringhursts said...

Yours is good! I thought the first pic was yours and I was super impressed. Can you just imagine what mine would look like if I tried that? Not a pretty thought.

robin said...

i am sorry i laughed so hard when i saw the picture of your recreation the other night. i didn't mean to! because it really is cute! good work!

and boo for cash! boo boo boo!

Erin and Cliff said...

Hmm, sorry about the birds, Kat. That was a worthy attempt, but yah, sorry it's just not going to fly... (hahahaha!)

Maggie sure made a good choice of Toms. Those are so cute! And have fun at ballet, Maggie!

Benielle said...

I love the bird poop. You crack me up! I miss you!!!!