Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Story Time

Once upon a time, Cash and Oscar were crazy, active boys. Like way crazy. I signed them both up for gymnastics so they would have an outlet for all their energy. Yesterday was gymnastics day and at the very end of class Cash decided to grab at Oscar's feet while he was hanging from a swing over a pit of foam blocks... Oscar's hands slipped and he fell face first into the side of the foam block pit and split his lip open both inside and out (luckily it didn't go all the way through). After I washed all the blood off I got a good look at the wound. It's very reminiscent of a famous scar (albeit it's in entirely the wrong place).

We drove home to find Ben to let him have a look at the lip. Ben (a.k.a. Dr. Dad) decided that this was a wound he could handle. He found a bottle of superglue, laid Oscar down on the kitchen table, dabbed a little hydrogen peroxide on the cut and glued the skin back together. I admit, I was a little skeptical and apprehensive, but it worked! Oscar laid down for a nice long nap and his little lip stayed shut.

But then Oscar woke up. And he didn't like the feeling of glue on his lip. And he picked at it. And picked at it, and picked at it. Pretty soon the cut was unglued. Ben was about to play Dr. again, but at that point I decided maybe we'd better have a professional take a look at it. So, despite Ben's protests, Oscar and I drove down the road to the Urgent Care. Oscar was loving all the attention- the nurses all thought our little man was so adorable and brave.

The doctor came in, took a look at it and said, "Oh this is nothin'! I'll have this fixed in no time!" He turned around, opened a cupboard and pulled out some... superglue. $142 and 30 minutes later, Oscar and I drove home- patched lip, empty wallet and all.

The End


ashley said...

So are you leaving off the part of the story that he has to wear a cone of shame or boxing gloves so he won't pick at it?

Very cute pictures of Oscar, though. And I hope Cash won't try anymore flying trapeeze stunts with Oscar. :)

Emnacnud said...

Oh man, that is good to know we have used super glue many a time and it has worked, good to know the Dr. uses it too, sorry you had to pay so much to have the same treatment.

bex said...

even though it isn't on his forehead i still think oscar might be a wizard.

Erin and Cliff said...

Wow, impressive cut! He is such a cutie. Glad he got all fixed up by Dr. Dad and the real doctor.

Cyndi said...

I was going to say the Dr. Dad way is the way that they would do it at the real doctors, but then I guess you found that out. But that scar is pretty cool...at least my daughter would dig it...you should totally send it into a website thing or something. Cute little Oscar could be famous!!

dana said...

Duane (also Dr. Dad) swears by superglue. We have used it MANY times... but there is nothing like a trip to the Urgent Care (and $$$$) to make the child feel like it is really a war wound!

I also like Ashley's idea about the cone of shame... think I have one in the basement. Want me to mail it????