Saturday, April 09, 2011

We have arrived...

Oh yes we have. 4 days in a car with 3 kids 5 and under (and Ben would also add here: a pregnant lady) is a trip you should all consider taking- if you're masochistic crazy nut jobs. After about 5 hours in the car Ben broke down and bought the kids an iPad thinking it would keep them all angelically entertained. Bwahahahaha! The constant fighting that occurred (and still occurs) over whose turn it is and who played last and who got a longer turn (blah blah blah) made me wonder if the purchase was worth it. Until the battery died and the kids sang Down By The Bay for a good solid hour. Then I wished for the whining. Actually, the power card Ben and I gained from the iPad was kinda worth it. The Magic Words in our house are now "If you don't stop [insert appropriate verb here] your brother/sister, you lose iPad privileges for a day!". Peace and Quiet. Love it.

I wish I could say the above picture was of our abode here in the South, but alas it is not. Instead we are living in a small, nay, TINY apartment. To give you an idea of what I'm working with here, I can vacuum the whole house while plugged into one single outlet, and not an outlet located in the central area of the apartment either. I can plug the vacuum into an outlet in the kids' room on one side of the apartment and work my way over to my bedroom on the other side of the apartment all while utilizing one little outlet. I know you guys that have to plug and unplug your vacuum like 12 times while you clean your house are so jealous, but now let me tell you about how every time I need to get into the closet in the kids' room I have to move Oscar's bed out of the way. Still coveting? Then you must live in Manhattan.

Apartment space aside, we are having a good time out here. It's so green and there are so many trees. Also we are the minority and that's fun. Our air conditioning pretty much runs around the clock as do the ceiling fans. Short sleeves are the daily uniform. I love hearing the little kids talk with a southern accent and all of them say "Yes ma'am" to their mommas. And here's where I get to tell about a little pat-myself-on-the-back moment I had: The kids and I were out running some errands and Maggie started walking through a flower bed. I asked her to stay on the sidewalk and she answered, "Yes Mom, I'll do it right away!" The woman who was walking past stopped and turned around and said, "Now that's good parenting!" Cue the shot of my face beaming with pride at my respectful little children. (Nevermind that 2 minutes earlier Maggie had told me to wipe the ridiculous look off my face... I'm crossing my fingers that some of these Southern Manners rub off on our little Margaret).

So to recap this sort of lengthy post: we're here, we're having fun, we're going to start saying y'all all the time. When in Rome, right?

{here, Sarah, are the obligatory house pictures- because I love you... yes I do}


Benielle said...

although tiny, looks really nice. I can't wait for your kids to start saying, "yes ma'am"

enjoy the heat too, it is snowing here.

sarah said...

is that a hint that i need to put mine up? :) it looks so cute!! Im glad you made it there safe and sound... and somewhat sane.

The Hill Family said...

Hey when Pete sold alarms we had a one bedroom apartment. So that became Morgans so she would be able to sleep when Pete got home late so our bedroom was in the living room. What a fun time. I do miss the south though it is so beautiful. I hope you have a great summer. Watch out for the bugs in Louisiana they are big and there is a lot of them.

Erin and Cliff said...

It looks so green and lush by that little creek, how pretty! Have fun y'all!