Tuesday, November 02, 2010

2 E'en's after Hallowe'en

Ben's oldest brother Jason is an artist. He's really good. I think he sucked all the visual artistic talent genes out of his mother's womb forcing his younger brothers to be forever content with rough stick figure drawings and toddler-esque doodles. His talents serve to aid his children, too. They always win every Halloween costume contest hands down. And we all know how that can put a child on the path to life long success and happiness. Right? At the very least they get to scare the living heckfire out of my brood. Take a looksee at their Halloween costumes this year:

Apparently Maggie was inspired this year and found some willing people-canvasses to practice on for next Halloween- watch out Jason, it looks like we may have managed to squeeze out a little artistic progeny of our own...

p.s. our "real" costumes were 2 cowboys and a princess, but as my camera is still out-of-order I have no photos (boo).


Elizabeth Clayton Smith said...

Scary! I think Mag's face painting is well on its way too. We love it!

Jamie P C said...

I didn't even recognize your kids, impressive job guys, lol!