Monday, January 11, 2010

Things I'm Currently Loving...

Avocados with salt and lemon. My mom sent me a bunch of avocados (& lemons) off her tree and they are delicious.

Oscar cuddling. You sit on the floor. He plops himself on your lap. Every time. Also, he loves books.

Oscar's kisses. This is a new trick. And I'm in love with it. Big, mouthy, drooly Oscar kisses are the bomb. Come over to my house and get yours today. (Added bonus: he has a runny nose which adds a bit of danger to the mix and makes the whole experience more exhilarating).

Taking the kids sledding. They are old enough to have fun but young enough that we only last about an hour.

(Poor Oscar only lasts like 3 minutes, but then he just lays down and takes a break & we have more fun because now there's an obstacle to try and miss with the sleds.)

Oscar's Snowsuit... "I can't put my arms down!" Love it.


Erin and Cliff said...

I love the Oscar snowsuit! haha :)

I want to go sledding with you guys! Looks like fun.

freak about healthy said...

I love avocados. I'll have to try them with lemon.