Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vacation May 2009

Okay folks, here it is.  The Cruise Vacation Picture Package.  Don't get yer hopes up too high, now... I realized after we got back that I really didn't get that many photos.  Too much time spent living the vacation rather than documenting it.

We started out on a Wednesday evening (but first before I picked up Ben I had to stop by a jewelry store to peruse some engagement rings with my little bro- he wanted a female's opinion- oh and he's now engaged!!!).  Anyhow, I met little bro at the jewelry store with my 3 kids in tow and we were all wearing our comfy traveling clothes (comfy as in frumpy).  The jeweler made the mistake of assuming I was the lucky girl!  I wanted to play along, "Why yes!  After 3 kids, he's finally proposing!"  But Jonathan was very quick to interject with, "Oh no.  No, no, no.  This is my SISTER.  Not my fiancee."  I still don't know weather to laugh or be offended at his hasty correction.  Hmmm.

Okay, back to the vacay.  We drove (well, pretty much Ben drove) all night while the kids slept like little angels in the back seat.  Oregon is so picturesque:

We got to my parent's house in Oregon on Thursday morning and hung out for a day or so.  We had a pre-birthday celebration for me:

this cake was super delish.  thanks aunt sharron and mom!

Happy 30th to me!  Egads!

Then we left the kiddos and flew to Orlando, Florida.  We were so excited to be childless:

More birthday celebration occurred once we arrived in Florida.

I think Ben and his brother Jason were having the most fun:

pretty much they are making fun of me for getting my picture taken with my pina colada...

Next came the Magic Kingdom where we spent 3 days of Magic.  

I didn't take many pictures while there.  Probably because it was raining a lot and I didn't want to make our kids jealous of all the pictures of us in our plastic ponchos.  We are hot.

Then, for the grand finale of the trip, The Cruise.  

Oh yes, the cruise.  It was fun.  And funny.  And funnest.  And the food? It was okay. I mean, it was good- but everyone always talks about "THE FOOD" like it's the greatest ever. Meh. It was good.

We did a lot of this:

We will for sure be doing another cruise in the future.  Like maybe next month. Got that mom?


sarah said...

the pina colada looks delish!! i dont blame you for wanting to take a pic with it!! and from what i can see of your swimsuit it looks so cute!! :) i think its the smith family's turn to take a cruise.

Grandma Kristi said...

Now, I loved having your children, month is a little soon. They might start getting a "where's mommy?" syndrome or something.

Grant and Stacy said...

What a fun trip! I'm so jealous!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Okay, I know I'm almost a month late, but you expect me to remember everyones' birthdays all the time? Come on!

Erin and Cliff said...

Ahhh!! Yay for a wonderful trip!!! :D It looks like you had a wonderful 30th. Happy B-day again!

The beach at Bahamas looks heavenly, so glad you fit a lot of that in. And cute swim suit! Does it have gold fishies on it?? Wonderful pics, you're all having so much fun!

Brittany said...

Ha ha. I love the pina colada picture. I like to take pictures of my hot fudge sundaes and other food I'm way excited about. It looks like you had a wonderful time. What kind of cruise was it? Did it come in a package with the Disney World tickets?