Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Photo Tag

So, I got tagged by Jen. I haven't "played" tag in a while, so here goes:

The Rules, if you so choose to play:
Go to your photo files, get the sixth photo from the sixth folder and blog about it. Then tag six people.

Here is my photo:

Isn't Maggie adorable? She was 8 months old and we were on vacation in Mexico. We were there for 2 weeks and it was heaven- heaven, I tell you. We were at a place that was called Half Moon Bay (I think) and Ben and Maggie had been playing in the warm water. Maggie loved the water- I think she's part fish.

Ben is also so adorable and this photo makes me super excited for the cruise we are going on in May... as in NEXT MONTH (giddiness ensues).

Ready or not, here are the tagees:

Ashley, Erin, Sarah, Melissa, Olivia, and Anjie (and anjie, I know I didn't answer your "Eight is Enough" tag game... partly because I'm lame-o and partly because I did this one awhile back.)

Also, I tag whomever else wants to play. It's kind of fun, like a walk down memory lane.


Jen said...

love it!

Melissa said...

I need to get on this...but we just got a new computer, and are in the middle of switching all of our files. I'm not even sure I HAVE pics at this point.

That's an adorable pic, though!