Thursday, February 12, 2009


{Making} mom do a double take:

Cash shed his pants and boots like a denim-wellie snakeskin before hopping into the bath... I walked into the bathroom and did a double take. Kinda freaky looking, no?

We LOVE baths at our house:

{Making} me want 15 kids:

He gets cuter every day... (so cliché, I know, but it's hard-wired into the mother's brain and I am no exception).

{Making} me cheat my "no sugar" diet:

Good thing I only made half a batch, cause we ate them ALL. (Well, all except the two that we saved for daddy- and that was really hard, daddy-- really hard...)

{Making} new bedding for Maggie:

I want to make a duvet cover like this for me... the back is a really soft, red dot minky fabric. So cozy.

{Making} art:

All of this {makes} life pretty sweet (and me pretty exhausted).


sarah said...

the bedding for maggie is soo cute! KAT!!! you need to open an etsy shop!!!! but i would need a sister discount of 100% off. :) ok ok 90%. ill pay shipping.

sarah said...

cash could do a magic act with those skills... or at least a circus act.

Celiece said...

Oscar and Nixon still look a little a like-weird. So you got my number but I never got yours. We haven't done a play group lately but I feel one coming on!!

Erin and Cliff said...

Kat, your kids are so cute and I LOOOOVE the bedding you made for Maggie! Did you cut those flowers out of another printed fabric? so cute!

Tanya and Tom Quinn said...

I love that bedding! I can't wait to have a home so I can hire you to do all my sewing!