Friday, February 27, 2009

If you happen to be in the area...

Come one, come all, and see The Quinn Brothers, LIVE!!! There has never been a show like it! They will wrestle bears, spin plates, juggle knives, jump through hoops, deliver babies, transplant hearts, eat fire, crap lava, exercise demons, milk cats, jump buses, comb hair, brush teeth, and much much more! Oh yes, much more!

WHERE: Wiseguys Comedy Club - 1270 West 1130 South, Orem
WHEN: This Friday and Saturday (Feb. 27th & 28th), 8 pm
COST: Not Much (But who cares? It's the freaking Quinn Brothers, man!)

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Jen said...

And these are the things I miss when I'm behind on my blog reading!!! DAH!