Friday, November 07, 2008


The last Saturday in October.
Weather: warm.
Mom's mood: adventurous.
Activity: zoo.

Tantrums: 1

Post-zoo activity: meeting up with Ben at the Gateway mall in Salt Lake
Entertainment: playing in the fountain
Number of cold, wet children: 2
Change of clothes for kids: negative
Number of new outfits bought at BabyGap: 2

{I wonder how many people buy new clothes for their kids because of that fountain... pretty good marketing ploy if you ask me...}


sarah said...

i love the fact that you left your kid to have a tantrum on the ground while you took a picture of it.... i wonder what people thought as they walked by.
also where are the pics of the new outfits? i bet they weren't nearly as cute as what they were wearing. they look adorable!

Erin and Cliff said...

What a fun trip! It looks like a wonderful afternoon.

Melissa said...

Um, I'm laughing at Sarah's comment - because wasn't that the moment that Stef walked by? Awesome.

Anonymous said...

are you kiddin' sare? isn't that why she's having another kid? three times the photo ops to post on her blog...

ashley said...

I love love love love that little Cash man in his dapper hat. Maggie's skirt is so cute. Looks like you had a great Saturday!

Bringhursts said...

Love the pic of Cash thinking the world is ending as he throws a fit. Reminds me of a little boy I know that lives at my house.

kathryn said...

sarah: the new outfits were not as cute as what they had on... we just grabbed whatever would fit them off the clearance rack (i tried to make things match, but whatever, right?)

melissa: yes, stef saw me standing there staring at my son on the sidewalk. after pointing out what a bad mom i was, she graciously gave us some fruit snacks and cash got happy real fast. stef pretty much saved the day.