Thursday, October 30, 2008

yogurt making 101

I made yogurt a couple of days ago, and will probably make another batch in the next couple of days... it's so easy! Here's what I did, mostly following my sister Ashley's instructions:

Heat a quart of milk (4 cups) to almost boiling (180°F).
{I used whole milk for creamier, thicker yogurt}
Remove from heat and let cool to 100°F.
When milk is at 100°F, whisk in 1/4 cup of plain yogurt either from the store, or from your last batch (it needs to have active cultures- read the label).
{You could play around with adding flavors at this point... I added a little vanilla to mine, but failed to add any sweetener so my yogurt still tasted pretty sour- like plain yogurt}
Pour yogurt into small glass jars or ramekins and place into a 9x13 pan filled with water heated to 100°F.
Place in oven set to 100°F and let sit for 7-9 hours.
Make sure the water in the water bath stays at a pretty constant 100° (too hot and the yogurt cultures die, too low and they won't grow).
After 7-9 hours, the yogurt should be set. Cover the jars and store in the refrigerator.

Easy as that! My sister used an electric skillet to do her hot water bath, which may be easier than trying to set an oven to 100° (most ovens "start" at 150°, I just set it a little below that and kept a candy thermometer in the water bath). Anyway, the yogurt turned out great. Maggie likes hers with agave nectar and granola mixed in. Ben likes his with agave, granola and berries or bananas. Anyway, it was fun and I feel oh-so domestic! I'll definitely be making more!


ashley said...

Yay Kat! I'm so glad it set for you the first time. How did the rice pudding turn out?

kathryn said...

the rice pudding turned out great! maggie and ben love it, cash refuses to try it- whatever, he loves the kozy shack, so i don't know what his deal is. anyway, it was pretty easy, too. it's just not as photographic as yogurt!

Erin and Cliff said...

wow, that's cool. so basically you're using a little bit of yogurt and growing it into a bunch of yogurt?

sarah said...

so i think i need to try this. lately i can't bring myself to eat yogurt. i don't know why. I used to love lemon yogurt. and i ate it like everyday when i was pregnant with scarlette, but now i just can't eat it. so maybe if i make my own i will.

also, do you think it will work with soy yogurt?

and i want some rice pudding with caramel on top... that sounds good to me.

Tanya and Tom Quinn said...

I think your cool for serving agave to your family. Now that's domestic.

Carolyn said...

I think you guys would have done well being pioneers...making your own clothes, domestic!