Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Daily afternoon activity...

Maggie LOVES all things ballerina. Dolls, books, movies, you get the idea. Her favorite, though, is when she's the ballerina. Here are some snapshots of her latest "recital". {click on the picture to enlarge}

And here's a little movie to give you the full experience:
{sorry that this is sideways- although usually I'm laying on the couch while watching, so really it only adds to the effect...}

And a little snippet of Cash's sweet dance moves- his dad's so proud:
{again, sorry for the sideways ridiculousness}


sarah said...

wow, cash is amazing! i think he should get some tights so he can be a full on ballerina... but very cute. i'm still wanting to make scarlie (i like it by the way) a tutu.

Erin & Cliff said...

Maggie looks like she's on fast forward. That is some speed dancing. I've been trying to find a copy of the ballet book we had when we were little. Do you remember what it was called Kat? Remember that black one that showed you dance positions and stuff?