Friday, September 14, 2007


2 ½ is a fun age- at least for the kid that’s two. It’s fun for Ben and I, as well. Maggie is attempting to pick up on the nuances of adult conversation. Here are her latest attempts:

Today while riding in the car, I began whistling. Maggie watched me in the rear view mirror for a minute and then asked, “Mom! What is that music doing in your mouth?” I said, “I’m whistling.”
“I wanna whiskle-link!” Maggie said.
So I told her to make her mouth into an “O” shape and blow air. For the next five minutes in the car, I had to listen to her squealing in her highest-pitched voice, stopping every few breaths to exclaim, “I can whiskle, mom! I can!”

The other day I told Maggie (who had been extremely trying that morning) that she was bugging me, to which she replied, “Mom, you need a spider web!”

Ben and I were visiting Jonathan the other day (my brother- Maggie’s uncle). He was talking to Maggie, telling her how cute she was, etc. Maggie looked at him and said, “You’re annoying.”


stuart & carolyn said...

Those are cute...I love this age. Carter is still learning pronunciations and he comes up with the most hilarious things!

Erin & Cliff said...

haha! Maggie sure is a quick one! But with you and Ben as her parents, I can hardly expect anything less :)

sarah said...

wow kat, shes totally your kid. i cant wait to hear her whiskle-link

Bringhursts said...

Okay, so I'm going to tell you a secret but it's just between you and I (and the hundreds of other people who read your blog). Maggie is one of my favorite girls ever! But let's just keep that between you and I. We don't want to hurt any feelings.

Kelly said...

what a doll!

G&J Matthews said...

Ha ha! She tells it like it is. I'll bet my whiskle-link is similar to hers.