Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I know, I know... I'm a little late posting. If you want excuses, see the previous post.
Anywho, here are some pictures of Maggie doing Easter Jackson style. Every Easter Weekend for who knows how long, Jackson has had a HUGE easter egg hunt on the square. They rope off the square and hide eggs all over the place. Toddlers hunt on one side of the square, older kids on the other. If you find an egg with a "special mark" you get to go to the the prize table for something incredibly fantastic like a yo-yo or a pastel colored stuffed animal from the dollar store. Four lucky winners got bikes (trikes for the toddlers). The festivities kicked off at 9:15 a.m. with a parade full of kid favorites like Woody the Woodpecker, Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse and Daffy Duck, to name a few. We missed the parade because someone had to get his precious sleep (Ben) but we got to the square plenty early because we thought Maggie would like to get candy from the characters who mingled with the children after the parade. WRONG. Here is a picture of Maggie that we snapped right after she saw Elmo headed toward her (with a huge basket of chocolate candies, I might add).

I'm trying to convince her that these huge, silent, zombie-like creatures are fun!... I don't think she believed me.

Here is a picture of the square pre-egg hunt.

Maggie saw the eggs lying in the grass and was really excited. She kept pointing them out to me as if I didn't see that the ground was peppered with them. The closer the time came for the egg hunt to begin, the more tense the crowd became. Every parent was trying to push their way to the front so their precious baby could be the first out onto the grass. It was pretty ridiculous. An announcer kept reminding parents that only the children could enter the square. Yeah right. The bell rang and it was like horses being let loose at the Kentucky Derby. Children and parents alike went spilling out onto the square grabbing at eggs like they were manna from heaven. I even had to shoulder a couple parents out of the way just to get Maggie onto the playing field. As soon as we (yes I joined Maggie- TO PROTECT HER FROM ALL THE OTHER INSANE PARENTS) got onto the square Maggie knew just what to do. She was grabbing at eggs like a pro, running from one egg to the other and in the end collecting a full dozen.

Less than two minutes later the square was empty and picked clean, except for the occasional smashed hard-boiled egg that had been trampled on by careless feet. Maggie, being very non-discriminating, would have collected those eggs too, had I let her.

After it was all done Maggie and I walked over to where Ben and Cash were waiting, their mouths still agape at the spectacle that had just taken place before them. Needless to say, we all went home for some much-needed napping.
So Happy (late) Easter all! Hope your holiday was a fun one!

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Erin & Cliff said...

Wow, sounds like a bundle of fun! I'm glad Maggie's a tough one and can elbow away all those competing 2-year-olds. Way to go, Mags! Happy Easter to you all, too!