Monday, February 12, 2007


When Ben and I moved to Jackson Hole, we had to get rid of our cat, Groucho. The cat that Ben "hated" and "never wanted". The other day he saw this picture and said, "I miss Groucho". The world must be coming to an end.

Also, I totally miss Baby Maggie.

p.s. Today my mom told me that my childhood cat died yesterday. Even though he was probably one of the most annoying pets in the world (you're second on the list Otis) I was really sad and even miss him. It's crazy how pets can gain such huge affections from people. Maybe it's because they know how to love unconditionally, or it could be that pet dander has addictive qualities. Whatever the reason, I really miss having a pet.

Ben, Valentine's day is coming and I want a St. Bernard.

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sarah said...

i completely agree that bobby was annoying. he would come and sit on my books while i did my homework. he would claw my leg all night when he slept in my bed and he would leave lizards in my room, not always dead might i add, but he was the best cat. he always came and cuddled with me when i was feeling sad. im really gonna miss him.